Learning Resources

Here are some helpful resources for students, including people studying for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.
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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Brachot (mp3)

Blessings for putting on tallit, for before and after reading Torah, and for before and after reading Haftarah.


Birkat Hamazon (mp3)

Blessings for after meals.

Cantillation (Chanting)


Torah Cantillation/Trope (mp3)

How to chant Torah with the trope we use at Solel.


Torah Cantillation/Trope – Call & Response (mp3)

Practice chanting Torah by listening and repeating each line.

What to follow along with our service in Solel’s own prayer book?

Click the download button to get your own PDF copy of Solel’s Shabbat Siddur.


Haftarah Cantillation/Trope (mp3)

How to chant Haftarah with the trope we use at Solel.