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Their Memories are a Blessing

by Rabbi Audrey Pollack, October 31, 2018

Dear Solelniks and Friends, The Torah portion we are reading this week is entitled Chayei Sarah – “the Life of Sarah”. Our rabbinic sages ask why this section of the…

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Rooted in Relationships

by Rabbi Audrey Pollack, September 29, 2018

Excerpted from Rabbi Pollack’s 5779/2018 Kol Nidre sermon: How often in your day or week do you really feel heard or seen? We may have many interactions every day –…

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Writing in our own Book of Life

by Rabbi Audrey Pollack, August 22, 2018

Dear Fellow Solelniks, We are now halfway through the month of Elul, and are turning our hearts and minds toward the New Year ahead. As we turn we find blessings…

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The Cries of a Child

by Rabbi Audrey Pollack, July 3, 2018

Dear Fellow Solelniks, As a community, we teach and uphold the values of Torah, the ethical and moral teachings of our heritage. Every morning as we pray the words of…

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