Standing Proud with Women of the Wall

by Solel Announcements, May 10, 2016

Solel’s own Veronica and Sonja Botnick, who are in Israel studying with the Eisendrath International Experience (EIE) joined the Women of the Wall in observing Rosh Hodesh Iyar at the Kotel in Jerusalem. At this service, a 250 year old Torah Scroll belonging to Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto was read.

Says Rabbi Audrey Pollack:

I’m so proud of Sonja and Veronica for standing with Women of the Wall this morning to celebrate Rosh Hodesh and to stand up for the right for all Jews everywhere to have the equal right to pray at the Kotel. To have the opportunity to raise their voices and know that they can make a difference is a great blessing for all of us. Kol hakavod!

Although the courts in Israel have ruled that it is legal for women to read from Torah in the Women’s Section of the Kotel, there are still those who oppose this fundamental right. The police tried to interrupt this Rosh Hodesh service and confiscate the Torah scroll. You can read more about this incident at the Women of the Wall website.

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