Our Strong Sense of Community and Family

Arliene Botnick

by Arliene Botnick, January 9, 2018

So! What’s new? The obvious answer – the secular New Year 2018. Other possibilities; new tax year, new book of the Torah being read on January 6 (Shmot-Exodus), new school…

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Capturing Our Memories of Solel

Robbin Botnick

by Robbin Botnick, January 9, 2018

  As we enter into this new secular year of 2018 I have seen many references that this is the year of life, as numerically it represents 20חי. In Jewish…

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The Flame of Religious Freedom

Rabbi Audrey Pollack

by Rabbi Audrey Pollack, November 28, 2017

Chanukah is probably the most celebrated of all of the Jewish holidays. Many people enjoy it as a festive time to gather together with family and friends, eat latkes, spin…

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A Trip Back In Time

Arliene Botnick

by Arliene Botnick, November 28, 2017

Let me take you back in time…… Fall 1975. A young couple with 5 kids between the ages of 2 and almost 11 decided that the part-time Hebrew School (Western…

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