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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

by Arliene Botnick, January 31, 2023

On January 27, we honoured International Holocaust Remembrance Day. January 27 was chosen since it was the day that Jews, those few who survived, barely survived, were liberated from the…

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The Light of Our Faith

by Arliene Botnick, January 1, 2023

We are just completing the first book of Torah, Genesis, and we are ready to set out on the next step of the journey (Exodus) that our ancestors will take…

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Toldot – Generations of Dysfunctional Families

by Arliene Botnick, November 30, 2022

Our ancestral families! My goodness, they were dysfunctional. The first commandment given to Adam in Genesis 1:28: “God then blessed human beings and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply…”…

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Solel – One Busy Place

by Arliene Botnick, October 31, 2022

Solel is one busy place. I thought I’d like to fill you in on some of the amazing things that have been done in the past few weeks and just…

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