Kiss & Make Up Day

by Arliene Botnick, October 2, 2015

There are so many preparations for a new Year, especially our Jewish New Year. We prepare ourselves by waking ourselves up spiritually during the month of Elul, by hearing the Shofar blown at each service. We prepare by doing some very special shopping – round challahs, apples, honey. We prepare often by buying new clothes (especially for the kids!) And I just discovered one more preparation that I had never heard of, but it really strikes a chord. Today (August 25), as I write this article is what someone has anonymously anointed as “Kiss & Make Up Day!”

This “modern Jewish holiday” really fits into the whole theme of spiritual soul searching, repentance, self-reflection, new beginnings that suffuse the month of Elul and blossom during Tishrei with the holiday of Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur.

So simple – Kiss & Make up. Forget the petty squabbles, the ego filled disagreements, the long standing feuds and simply say “I’m sorry, let’s start again”.

If we, as individuals, could do this, then maybe as families, as communities, as nations, we could somehow manage to say, “Enough of the hatred, anger, injustice. Let’s give a go! Let’s put things right! Let’s work for peace, Shalom.

So as we begin 5776, let us all kiss & make-up, value and relish life and the right to life for all. Enjoy the beauty of our family, our homes, and our country.

We have a wonderful year ahead of us at Solel, with a bright, warm and exciting new Rabbi and her family. Let’s all appreciate the future that lies in store and thank God for giving us another year with the opportunity to “Kiss & Make-Up”

Gemar Tov!!


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