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Who Clothes the Naked

Rabbi Audrey Pollack

by Rabbi Audrey Pollack, March 7, 2018

On many Shabbat mornings at Solel, I am extremely proud of our students and their teachers. What a blessing to see the young generation of the Jewish community stepping onto…

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And Jennie Taught Me…

Arliene Botnick

by Arliene Botnick, March 5, 2018

In Proverbs 22:6 we read, “Train (teach) a child in the way he (she) ought to go; The child will not swerve from it even in old age.” My mother…

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Solel Engaging with the Community

Robbin Botnick

by Robbin Botnick, March 5, 2018

Recently I had the opportunity to attend two wonderful community events. The first event was The Peel Community Engagement and Dialogue Dinner, sponsored by the Intercultural Dialogue Institute. The Intercultural…

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