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Bright Lights

by Joel Brown, November 28, 2016

It’s that time of year when it seems like it’s always dark outside. We’re only a few weeks away from the shortest day of the year. This is a time…

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Looking Forward to Remembering

by Joel Brown, October 24, 2016

One of the things that I love about Solel is the way that we focus on the future, while remembering and honouring the past. We’re always looking for new ways…

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Hearing and Being Heard

by Joel Brown, September 25, 2016

We are approaching the High Holiday season, and as we do at this time of year, we stop to take stock of how we’re doing in our relationships with each…

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The Smiling Face That Greets You

by Joel Brown, August 21, 2016

Whether you’re a stranger, visiting a new place for the first time or whether you’re coming back to the comfort of your own home, isn’t it wonderful to be greeted…

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