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20 Sep

Sunday 5:45pm

Family Erev Simchat Torah Program & Service

Family Simchat Torah service at 7:00pm with JK/SK Bet Sefer Solel students, dancing with the Torah.

Mental Health in the Jewish Community
Scholar-In-Residence Weekend at Solel

Scholar-In-Residence Rabbi Sandra Cohen will join us October 25-27 for a series of programmes addressing mental health in synagogues and the Jewish community.
Mental illness, in its many forms, is pervasive in the Jewish (and non-Jewish) community.
Rabbi Sandra Cohen will speak about her personal journey with mental illness and her search for community. She will share her insight and experience on how to make our synagogues churches, mosques, and communities into places of caring and home for all members.

Rabbi Sandra Cohen

Rabbi Sandra Cohen received her BA summa cum laude from Macalester College and a Masters in Hebrew Literature and Ordination from HUC-JIR, where she was a Wexner Graduate Fellow. She began her congregational rabbinical career as an assistant rabbi at Temple Emanuel in Denver, Colorado in 1995. She then served as rabbi at Temple Micah in Denver. Following a stroke and subsequent health challenges in 2002, Rabbi Cohen left the congregational rabbinate.
She currently teaches in a variety of settings in both the Jewish and larger Denver community. She also offers pastoral care to individuals and families. Rabbi Cohen is involved in mental health outreach in the Jewish community both locally and nationally.
25 Oct

Friday 8:00pm

Calling Out for Help: Mental Illness Among Us

Shabbat Evening D’var Torah at Solel.
25 Oct

Saturday 10:00am

What Would the Rabbis Say?

Text Study of Mental Illness and Bikkur Holim
Shabbat Morning Service, Text Study and Discussion at Solel.
25 Oct

Sunday 11:00am

Creating a Caring Community

How to Listen, What to Do, When to Tell
A Conversation with Parents and Teens at Bet Sefer Solel.