An important message for Solel members, our visitors and guests:

In-person worship services are temporarily suspended for the time being while the Province of Ontario has enacted heightened public safety measures to combat the Omicron variant. Our services will remain available via live stream during this time.

Solel has returned to modified in-person worship services. There are a number of important limitations and procedures required to keep everyone safe, so please read the following carefully.

On this page:

After more than 16 months of virtual-only Shabbat services, began offering Solelniks the opportunity to pray together in our sanctuary live, and in-person staring in August 2021. As we have gained experience operating in-person services during the COVID-19 pandemic and as expert advice has evolved to meet the changing circumstances, so too have our procedures and policies have evolved. We want to be clear about two things: First, we will continue to take the best scientific and public health advice in setting our policies and procedures. Second, we will continue to offer live stream worship services for those who cannot or are not yet comfortable joining us in the sanctuary in person.


Under the rules of the Province of Ontario’s Reopening Plan, there are limits and public health rules that impact what we can do and how we do it. Solel has also developed a return plan that includes additional health and safety measures we believe are important to keeping everyone healthy and safe. It is imperative that you understand how these rules will play out at Solel for the next while and follow them closely. This is what you need to know about how the return to in-person worship will work during beginning in November 2021 and until further notice:

  • Only those who have provided proof of full vaccination (2 shots + 2 weeks) will be eligible to attend in-person for the time being. The details of how to provide this proof to Solel is explained below.
  • Reservations are no longer required to attend, but each attendee must sign in when they arrive for contact tracing purposes.
  • Before you can attend in person, you must pass the COVID-19 active screener. The questions in the screener are posted at the door and you must indicate that you pass the screener on the sign-in sheet. If you are feeling unwell and do not pass the screener questions, you must not enter Solel’s building.
  • While inside Solel, you must wear a mask that covers your nose, mouth and chin at all times. Note that during the service our Rabbi will not be wearing a mask so that she can be heard clearly, both inside the sanctuary, and by those who continue to attend via our live stream. The Rabbi will remain more than 2m apart from everyone else during the service.
  • While inside Solel, you must maintain a distance of 2m between you and every other person at all times, except if they reside with you in the same household.

We are happy to be able to offer in-person worship experiences after being away from our sanctuary for almost a year and a half. However, we know that the situation with the pandemic has always been fluid and it is possible that our plans will need to change. We hope that as more people across the region and across the country are able to get fully vaccinated, that provincial regulations and public health advice will permit us to ease restrictions.

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Providing Proof of Vaccination

Here is how you provide Solel with proof of vaccination:

  • You may provide your proof of full vaccination at the door using either your QR code or paper vaccination receipt.
  • You can also provide your proof of vaccination to the Solel office and we will keep a record on file so that you won’t need to produce your receipt at the door each time you attend a service. To do so, forward the email containing your second Ontario Vaccination receipt to
  • We will check the date of you second valid vaccination and make a note of the date which is 14 days later.
  • We will not keep any copies of vaccine receipts. Emails will be deleted promptly once the date is recorded
  • When we no longer require vaccination to attend in person, we will dispose of the list of “safe to return” dates.
  • If you provide proof of vaccination to the Solel office, you will not have to show proof of vaccination each time you come to Solel. You may choose to show your vaccination proof at the door each time you attend if you prefer.
  • If you don’t have your receipt email or QR code, you can take a photo of your paper receipt and email that.
  • If you don’t have your receipt, you can get a copy at:
  • If you weren’t vaccinated in Ontario, contact us to make other arrangements.

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On Arrival

  • When you arrive prior to the service, ensure you are wearing a mask that covers your nose, mouth and chin before entering.
  • Please practice good hand hygiene when in Solel. There will be a number of hand sanitizers available for use.
  • An usher will confirm that you sign in, have provided proof of vaccination and have passed the Solel COVID-19 active screener.
  • You can find a seat in the Sanctuary. Seats will be removed and spread out to provide social distancing. You may move chairs to sit close to members of your immediate household.
  • You are responsible for maintaining 2m of physical distance from other worshipers.

When the service concludes, we will be offering an “oneg to go” consisting of coffee and pre-packaged snacks in the lobby. Please help yourself as you exit the synagogue. Weather permitting, you can schmooze with others outdoors after the service, ensuring you keep a safe distance.

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What about those who are ineligible for vaccinations? (e.g. kids under 5)

For those under the age of 5, as they cannot be vaccinated at this time, they cannot attend the standard worship services in person until further notice. There will be special Family Services held which will allow their participation. Details of when these services will take place, and what additional arrangements will be made to help keep attendees as safe as possible will be announced in the future.

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