Performing Our Own Miracles

by Roselyn Allen, March 26, 2020

I wish to acknowledge how responsive our staff, religious and lay leadership have been in adjusting to these unprecedented times. As it is said in the Ta’anit: a person should never stand in a place of danger and say ‘a miracle will be performed for me.’

Though we have been forced to close the building, Solel is far from shut down. Our staff have been working from home, where we have been able to move our phones and email accounts.

We are fortunate enough to live in an era of technology which has allowed us to livestream services, carry on Zoom meetings, and speak to our congregants by phone call, text and email.

I have had the dubious privilege of seeing this crisis from both sides, having been admitted to hospital earlier this month. The care of the doctors and nurses at Trillium’s Queensway Hospital was exemplary. But, being placed in isolation was frightening. I was lucky to have the phone calls, texts and emails from friends and family, including my Solel family.

The board has reached out to all our congregants. If you have missed our calls, please contact us. Our Mitzvah committee has been keeping in touch with those in need as always. We have been lucky to have new volunteers to help with grocery shopping and food delivery. It would be wonderful to see this continuing beyond this crisis. Please let us know if you are in need or available to help those requiring assistance.

As Passover is upon us, remember this is not the first plague we’ve survived. Remember your Solel community is here to help. Remember there are technologies available to help you be with your family and friends through this time of social distancing. Next year in Jerusalem.

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